See you in Disney Land.

Emily. 18. Australia.

Murder interests me.
I read more books than i can count.
I am a shy person.
I am afraid of what people think about me.
I act confident.
I'm not.
My friends are my life.

Doctor Who. The Sex pistols. Zelda. Punk. Skins. Vinyl. Murder. Sherlock. The Beatles. Tattoos. Puzzles. Cannibals.

Nothing sucks more than family who doesn’t care. Family who is constantly angry and upset no matter what you do. Family who avoids you and would rather be alone than with you. Family who doesn’t care if you’re upset. Family who you love to pieces but feels like you receive no love in return.

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“You wanna know what living life to the fullest actually is? It’s waking up on a Monday morning with no complaints. It’s knowing you always deserve to laugh. It’s doing what feels right no matter what. It’s doing what you want to, no matter how stupid you look. It’s about being yourself, ‘cause no one can tell you you’re doing it wrong.”

Unknown  (via shiva-atrophy)

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